Features of Renewed Nubuck Boots

Military boots constitute one of the greatest needs of armies. When we take look at it, we see that military boots are not only produced in black leather. Over time, different models have been developed according to the different cloth-styles of the armies. For example, we can say nubuck models, which are among the latest models. Desert color, which is frequently preferred for desert camouflages, has become a complement to uniforms by being used in nubuck boot models as well.tactical-boots

Well, did you know the features of these new models, which are designed very stylishly? In this article, we would like to tell you about newly produced and latest model military nubuck boots. We, Raff Military Textile, give priority to foot-comfort in all shoe and boot models we produce. For this reason, the comfort of the shoes increases with each subsequent production. With the developing of technology, most of the materials used in production are changing, and over time, materials that will provide better foot comfort begin to emerge. We, as Raff Military Textile, are an instant follower of every innovation and we are developing our products more and more for our customers. The quality of our products is increasing day by day compared to the past. Tactical boots, which are one of our frequently preferred models recently, are the model with high comfort at high rates. Thanks to its mold that grips the feet easily, it does not compress the heels and ensures that the feet are comfortable inside. Thanks to the injection made into its sole, it shows reactions that create a massage effect to the feet at every step. In this way, it will not be a shoe which is hurting the user while they are walking. The name of the form we use here is the anatomical structure. Thanks to these developed features, 80% foot comfort is provided.

Another feature developed in our latest model military boots is perhaps one of the most important features for military personnel. Thanks to this feature, the boots have become suitable for wearing in both hot and cold weather. This feature we are talking about is the insulation feature. With the insulating inner lining used in the boots, a structure that preserves the warmth of the feet in winter is obtained. In the summer, the feet stay cool and not sweat thanks to this feature again. Thanks to this feature, military personnel can use their boots in both seasons.

Of course, in addition to all these, there are two more factors that should be considered in production. These are the conformity of the product made to official specifications and human health. We have been working in this sector that we have been in for more than 50 years, we are with the awareness of the specifications of all the products we produce. It is completely in accordance with the specifications, not only in boots, but also in other products in our production. Also this is included in our models that we have renewed over time. We always produce with materials that comply with the specifications, and at the same time, we confirm all these with the tests we apply.

Thus, the boots fully meet all the fastnesses mentioned in the specifications such as breakage, abrasion and discoloration. No materials that are not suitable for human health are not included in our production. In addition to all materials such as yarn, sole and metal used in boots, even the inner sock lining is anti-bacterial in our latest models. Substances that have at any risk of allergic reaction to the body are not included. Likewise, it has been confirmed that our military boots are 100% suitable for human health.

“Waterproofing” is one of the features we don’t even need to mention in our Nubuck boot models. Because the waterproof feature is a feature that applies to all our boot models without exception. It is ensured that every military boots we produce are completely waterproof. Even in any large or small puddle, the feet will not feel the slightest wetness. This fully waterproof feature is also available in all our military boots such as nubuck and leather. The boots produced with nubuck material and desert color are also available in different models as short and long. The shoe size numbers start from 36 and goes up to 47. You can view our new military boots models by clicking here. Maybe the comfort you are looking for is literally hidden in these models.