How to clean medical clothes?

Medical clothing is considered one of the most delicate professional outfits to maintain, given the particularity of the profession of those who wear it. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, or anyone working in a healthcare facility who regularly sees patients are expected to wear medical clothing to protect themselves.

We have already explained the importance of medical scrubs. If you haven’t read the article yet, you can check it out here.

In order for it to fulfill its mission, health workers must pay special attention to maintenance. As you well know, the hospital is full of germs and pathogens and the staff has to treat several patients at the same time, patients who have different illnesses, in different departments.

Afterward, they must go to their house with their families or roommates. These clothes are known to be the main source of contamination. Hence the importance of cleaning them regularly and rigorously. In this article, we will give you useful and practical tips from professionals in the field.

Medical clothing is usually made with cotton because it is breathable and comfortable. You can also find them with polyester and cotton. They are known for their durability and ease of use.

Separate medical scrubs from other clothes

Try cleaning them outside your home, in the hospital if you have a washing service, or in a special laundromat. Separate them as much as possible from your dirty clothes in the house. We have previously seen the risks they can generate.

Use gloves

Along the same lines, minimize the possibility of contamination with gloves every time you wash your uniforms.

Treat stains of blood or other bodily fluids first

Before you start cleaning, identify the stains and use an oxygen-based bleach to remove them.

To prolong the life of medical clothes, turn them inside out before washing.

In order to preserve the fibers, avoid putting them directly in the washing machine.

Pay attention to the water temperature

The degree of temperature is related to the fabrics of your uniform. If you have 100% cotton, you absolutely must wash it in cold water to prevent stains from setting. While for drying, use the low level of your machine. Still, if you have polyester and cotton scrubs, you can afford lukewarm water and a high dryness level.

Use the pocket protectors to avoid getting your clothes dirty

Health workers carry their pens, tweezers, and a whole set of tools to follow patients, and write down observations… so they use the pockets to move them, which can dirty them. And therefore, a pocket protector is the best solution to keep your uniform clean.

Some lotions for cleaning medical clothes

Health workers are exposed to different fluids that need to wash off differently. Rubbing alcohol is great for removing ink. Hydrogen peroxide is used for blood and any other tint. While for feces, urine and vomit, we recommend bleach.

Buy more than one set of uniforms

The required cleaning method may damage the fabric and colors of your uniform and therefore cause discoloration or tearing. To avoid this scenario, we recommend having more than one pair of scrubs. That way you can keep them for a long time.

Washing frequency depends on how often you put your scrub on and how much scrub you have. But it is better to clean it after 4-5 uses.

Indeed, medical clothing is designed to withstand potential stains. However, their lifespan depends on their quality. But generally speaking, once you notice holes or tears, you should automatically replace them because they no longer perform their functions.

Carefully choose the supplier of your medical clothing, it must be credible and reputable. And this is the case for RAFF Military Textile, you can customize your scrub according to your preferences, the model, the fabrics, the colors…

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