Hands are one of the main body parts that we used in our daily basis, we do most, if not all, with them. Writing, painting, eating and a lot more activities require the employment of the hands; gloves have been used from a long time ago and have had more than 1 use. For example, in the past, gloves were related to elegance and status. In the old days, you were able to tell who was poor and who was not just by gloves they were wearing.

But the main utility for gloves is protection, in every activity, there is a risk for you to injure your hands while working that is why through time, gloves have been adapting to the needs and shores that a specific sector realizes. Kitchen gloves, Skiing gloves, gardener gloves, surgical gloves, and the list goes on and on, but each one of them has a singularity, some a waterproof, some are thinner, some thicker, made with leather or plastic. Now, there is one job that requires that the gloves used for its activities have most of the characteristics mentioned before, being a soldier.

Soldiers work with special equipment in different parts of the world, so, it is indispensable for them to be protected from head to toe, and for this reason, the military gloves have to be special. Made with leather and waterproof, are some of the characteristics that the gloves posses, they can also come in a variety of bold colors or in camouflage, to match the military uniform they wear. This military accessory helps the soldiers to keep their hands protected, also they help them with hiking or climbing tasks or when they have to use a special type of guns and other weapons.