Raff Military Textile Visited Chad for a New Collaboration

Chad Cooperation With Raff Military Textile

Last week, our general manager Mr. Yukseloglu, and our sales director Mr. Sahbaz, visited N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, to strengthen the two countries cooperation. They discussed the possibility of future military textile cooperation between Chad and Turkey with Chadian army representatives. Everyone involved agreed that a closer relationship between the two countries would benefit everyone.

“In terms of military textiles, Turkey is eager to expand its collaboration with Chad. Africa has been one of our most profitable and successful markets. The opportunity to engage with Chad is an honor for us,” Mr. Sahbaz remarked during a meeting.

Chad Cooperation With Raff Military Textile

Raff Military Textile is a manufacturer and distributor of uniforms, equipment, clothing, and footwear for the military, police, private sector, health sector, firefighters, and other institutions and professions as well. Our goal is to provide the best quality equipment and uniforms at very reasonable prices. We always strive to provide the highest level of service, support, and the fastest possible delivery for our customers. We are doing a wholesale and all our products are produced in large production capacities.

Raff Military Textile has a great reputation for its expertise and cutting-edge technological developments. Since our founding, the company has expanded its network and grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the military textile market.

Now, we are serving the armed forces, police, and administration in the defense sector, healthcare, and new technologies, in addition to the military sector, and expanded our activities to include all military equipment without exception.

We are open to unlimited exports and operate in both the domestic and international markets. Raff Military Textile is a company that has proven itself in terms of the products it exports internationally. That is why we are well-known around the world and a guarantee for all of our customers.

This visit to Chad is an important step for us to further strengthen our ties with this brother country in terms of technical cooperation, particularly technology transfer, and for this country to make a breakthrough in the textile industry.