The Production Conditions for Uniforms and Boots

Although there are many places where people can find and buy military clothing, boots, and accessories, it is difficult to find a company that has the necessary durability and healthy and high-quality production. Raff Military Textile produces military uniforms and boots with both qualities, healthy and durable materials. Thanks to its business experience gained over many years, it always offers the best service to its customers. Raff Military Textile makes sales in Turkey, the Balkan, the Middle East, and many African countries.

Feautures of clothes and accessories

Although the products of Raff Military Textile target generally the military, there are other clothes and equipment for police, schools, and firemen…these clothes are produced meticulously. For example, while producing military uniforms, we take good care of the strength, and durability, not causing any negative situation in terms of health, waterproofing, so in summary, the quality of the material used.

What are the Boot Features?

Military boots are a clothing product that people often prefer to keep their feet warm during the winter months. Soldier boots used by soldiers are known to be produced from an extremely durable, strong, waterproof, and non-slip sole, unlike other boots. Military boots should be produced with the highest quality and strongest materials to protect foot health. The most important point to be considered in military boots is that the materials used have any structure that does not harm the health of the feet. Products should be produced from non-slip soles in accordance with the effects of seasons and weather conditions.

All shoes and boots produced by Raff Military Textile are between 36 and 47. Materials such as cowhide, polyurethane, thermo sole, or plastic midsole should be used on most upper sides of the military and police boots. Thus, the shoes not only do not harm the health of the feet but also have a solid structure. One of the most important points about boots is the color. Thanks to the camouflage-coated boots, the camouflage image does not deteriorate and security is also provided.


Other Materials and Accessories

Military accessories are as important as military clothing. Especially military hats are very much liked by people and are in great demand. Military accessories offered for sale by Raff Military Textile; military hats, soldier helmets, balaclavas, bandoliers, belts, handcuffs, flexible batons, military backpacks, gun holsters, water canteens, and soldier handcuffs. The materials used in these accessory products are also of great importance.

Since it is important that the products produced especially for soldiers perform their duties without any problems, they must be manufactured with the highest quality and strongest materials. The quality and durability of the material used in the production of military accessories are very important. For example, gloves, especially for soldiers serving in cold regions. Gloves should be strong and warm. Therefore, they must be produced using two layers of fabric and an overlock so that the seams are not easily thrown.

Soldier tents are among the top military products and among the most demanded products. Soldier tents are generally offered for sale in capacities of 5-10 – 50 – 100 or 500 people and are produced using the highest quality materials.