The Production Stages and Features of the Products

Military textile is a sector that requires professional production and is always needed all over the world. In Turkey and in all countries of the world, our products are in great demand. Raff Miltary Textile, which has been active in this sector for more than 30 years, is one of the best firms for many public and private institutions that want to buy military textile products. The field of activity of Raff Military Textile is not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world. Its products reach the Turkish republic, the Middle East and many African countries.


Features of the products

The most prominent military products are military uniforms and sweaters, t-shirts for soldiers, trousers, camouflage clothes, etc. can be listed as all of these products have different usage areas and therefore, they must be produced meticulously in accordance with their intended use.

For example, attention should be paid to the properties of the fabrics used in the production of military t-shirts: The weight of one meter of the fabric, namely its density, is one of the most important factors. It should also be noted that there is no color sensitivity and no linting possibility.

For military t-shirts, thickness is very important, depending on what climate zone the t-shirts will be used in. That’s why the materials used in the production of t-shirts are very important. The fabric used must be very good and should not cause discomfort when worn, and should not cause the wearer to feel that they are carrying weight.

Color accuracy is also one of the most important features of military products. Especially in some geographical regions, soldiers are directly exposed to the light from the sun. The high sensitivity of the clothes to light can cause the colors to fade quickly. Therefore, when choosing clothes, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the fabrics. After the clothes are produced, these features must be tested.

Another point to be considered for military camouflage t-shirts is the draw feature. For military t-shirts, there are shrinkage values ​​that are accepted as standard after washing. There should be no pull above these values. Acceptable values ​​for shrinkage range from 1.5% to 5%. These features should be considered while producing products. Military t-shirts should be manufactured using 100% cotton fabric.


Boots, Shoes, Gloves and Other Accessories

When it comes to military clothing, accessories are also important. One of them is the boot. Military boots are produced according to the type of climate in which they will be worn, taking into account different features. While there may be monochrome boots, suitable boots for camouflage may also be required. The sole of the boots should be made of material that does not disturb the foot. It is also one of the most necessary conditions for the boots to have a waterproof structure. Of course, military shoes must be produced to have similar characteristics.

Gloves are another item that is as important as boots, especially for soldiers working in cold places. The fabric to be used in the gloves is also of great importance. The material required for the production of a quality military glove is fleece fabric. Joining seams on gloves should be stitched with appropriate methods. In order to maintain the temperature, it is necessary to produce using two layers of fabric. Gloves must be covered with camouflage, just like military clothing, in order not to spoil the camouflage. It is appropriate for the gloves to be made of 85% cotton and 15% continuous filament polyester to make the hands feel comfortable.

The fabrics from which the gloves are produced must be subjected to an abrasion test at thirty thousand cycles. In these tests, the seams of the gloves should not break. In addition, the water repellency value for the printed surface should be at most 4 percent. One of the points to be considered in gloves is the hook. The material of the hook should be metal and its paint should be three to four times darker than the paint of the glove.

Materials and accessories such as handcuffs, flasks, caps should also be useful and robust materials produced using suitable materials.