Uniforms & Clothes & Headwears

Military clothing is products from textile companies for application y the military field and these products are broad: military clothing, police clothing, and police coats. We can list the produced specifically as military shirts, military suits, military uniforms, camouflage, military sweaters, military helmets, and military hats. In addition to these, products such as hospital textile groups, firefighting textile groups, uniforms for private institutions, and overalls, and jackets are produced for private institutions and other official institutions.

Raff Military Textile is one of these manufacturers and meets the various needs of institutions on three continents of the world. There are also accessories and shoes produced for soldiers and policemen. Customer satisfaction is very important for Raff Military Textile and acts with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks to its quality guarantee, it has been entitled to receive the ISO 10002: 2004 Customer Satisfaction System Certificates, which are revealed with the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

Raff Military Textile produces uniforms, clothing, and special technical clothing that they use for other private organizations and other institutions, as well as police and military equipment. However, it generally focuses on Military Textile Production and is the most successful company serving in this textile branch.

Uniforms and Other Options

Those who want to look for military uniforms can check the ceremonial and formal attire as well as soldier camouflage uniforms. Military materials of these product groups should be examined and evaluated. All military clothes are produced in accordance with human health and are produced after strictly testing their durability according to the area in which they will be used.

Ceremonial Wear and Other Formal Attire

Military clothing is not just about camouflage. Ceremonial attire may also be needed. Special ceremonial and formal wear, which can accommodate special options such as metal buttons and carry ceremonial accessories, should be produced using quality fabric materials such as wool, PolyVision, polycotton, and cotton.

In addition to these, these military products can also be designed and produced for armies or security forces, or special units of different countries.

Military ceremonial attire and military official attire consist of trouser-jacket suits. These products, which are produced for male and female personnel, must also be of high quality and must look stylish.

Camouflage Uniform Headgear

Clothing designed and produced under the title of military camouflage uniforms is military clothing that must be produced in accordance with official specifications and special specifications. They are produced by using quality fabrics such as Rıpstop/Gabardine Fabric Types, and Cotton/Polyester Blends, and they are designed as shirt-pants containing products such as military camouflage uniforms. These products, like clothes, are designed with both safety and health in mind. You can examine other military products, accessories, and other materials on the site pages.