Why should medical staff wear medical scrubs?

As the military and the police need a special uniform to accomplish their missions, the medical staff must also put on clothes with special characteristics that adapt to their working environment and improve their productivity, known as medical uniforms.
In this blog, we will list the main reasons for using this uniform.
Doctors, nurses, and any other person working in a health establishment must put on these clothes for their many benefits, among others:

User and patient protection

Whether you work in a hospital, a clinic, or a laboratory, you are always exposed to the risk of infections and contamination. This can put you and those around you outside the workplace at risk.
It is therefore made of fabrics with antibacterial properties, which limit the spread of viruses and germs. These fabrics are thick enough to form a barrier between the doctor’s or nurse’s body and liquids that may splash onto their clothing. Therefore, it protects the patient and the medical worker at the same time.


The work of a medical agent is necessarily one of the most difficult jobs; standing all day, monitoring patients, taking bodily fluids for laboratory work… To successfully carry out these missions, you absolutely need comfortable, elastic clothing that guarantees freedom of movement. Thanks to its moisture-wicking properties, the clothes guarantee you the necessary comfort.


Unlike normal clothes, the medical uniform contains several pockets on the t-shirt as well as on the pants. You know that healthcare workers need pens, forceps, tourniquets, and other care materials. Consequently, the medical scrub allows him to move them easily.

Identification sign

The medical clothing allows patients to easily identify medical workers and allows them to distinguish between the different specialties and professions in a health establishment.

It is easier to assign each department a particular color, pediatric department, gynecology department, or surgery….
You can also use colors to distinguish between doctors, nurses, receptionists, and so on.

Some establishments personalize their uniforms by putting their logo or by using their visual identity.

Affordable prices

Medical uniforms are cheaper and last-longing more than normal clothes. The regular disinfection and sterilization required can damage normal fabrics, and therefore you will have to replace them frequently. Which will definitely cost you a lot more money. However, these clothes have been specially designed for this use and therefore last longer. In addition, their prices are very affordable.
Maintaining these uniforms properly and prolonging their longevity requires following proper sterilization and care guidelines. But it is absolutely necessary to change it if one notices that it is ruined or that it is no longer useful.

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