The camouflage print is one of the most difficult to accomplish, as the colors don’t have to mix with each other and they must last in the fabric. As we know the soldiers, have a wide range of clothing and among them one of the most used pieces are T-shirts, they can are provided, with camouflage T-shirt and bold color T-shirt.

The fabrics that are often used to manufacture them are cotton fabrics, as they are worn to do daily activities, as sports, cleaning and other duties, that make the soldiers sweat, so, they need to be wearing a breathable fabric that allows them to do all their hard work.

Soldier T-shirt fabrics density used in the production process determines the thickness of the fabric. Soldier T-shirt color fastness is tested under light and exposure to atmospheric conditions, air washing and rubbing to make sure that the color will stay put. Colorfastness is assessed visually by comparison between the test samples with standard samples.