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Raff Textil produces military clothing, police clothing, boots and various military equipment like caps, ceremony hats, beret, military hats, belts and snow masks. As Raff Military Textile, we also work with many countries around the world producing uniforms for the Turkic republics, the Middle East countries, the Balkan countries, and so many African countries, as well as to the Turkish market.
Raff Textile has a wide range of products. Although military equipment takes the lead among the products produced, like a military uniform, military sweater or t-shirt, military suit, attack vest, military helmet as well as products suitable for the police, but one the most liked products are the ceremonial suits.
Notwithstanding army textile clothes are the most popular, our company also produces clothing equipment made with different materials for all kinds of institutions. Police coats, firemen jackets, clothes or equipment for private or governmental agencies are also produced by Raff Military textile.
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