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Raff Military Textile’s  privacy notice explains our policies and regulations regarding the collection, use or sharing of your information with third parties while using the services provided by our website. As the Raff Military Textile team, we use your personal data in order to provide a better experience to our users during their browsing on our website. Your personal data which we receive through some service providers are carefully protected as a result of this Privacy Policy and P.D.P.L (Personal Data Protection Law).


Raff Military Textile is an export company that has been operating for about 50 years. It has been operating on internet browsers since 2014. As a private institution, our company belongs to its own structure which tries to serve in the most useful way in the required channels. All these materials on our website are protected by copyright and they are subject to legal action in case shared without permission.


Our website provides access to your personal data mostly with cookies that used by domains. Since there is no comment or membership panel on our website, no information is requested from you during the use of our website. Cookies are used only to improve the services provided by our website. Cookies are briefly the name given by a website to small files placed on your computer, laptop or mobile device and containing the details of your browsing history during surfing on the internet.

Who Are the Third Parties?

The term referred to as third party refers to both the people who provide access to our site other than us and other companies or legal entities who want to access your personal data. There are many staffs who provide design and management on the Raff Military Textile website. Since this situation creates situations where your personal data can be seen by our staff, it is ensured that your data is protected, not sold or shared with our Privacy Notice. We work with the most professional people in their business who improve our services, make our company known more and  perform these services in the best way. For this reason, your personal data is also stored with great precision by our staffl and used only for the benefit of our company.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

While you are browsing our website and using the services we offer, we use your personal data to communicate with you better, to understand you and to respond to your requests. Your personal data reaches us through cookies and it is collected in our database. Recognizedly, our company does not request your private information (Name – Surname, Telephone, E-mail, Credit Card information, etc.) during your visit. Our company is an export company working on wholesale orders. For this reason, it is not possible to make a direct purchase on our website. Unless you want to reach us, your private information is not accessible. Raff Military Textile is only interested in users’ movements on the web. The cookies on your computer help us to measure and analyze various situations such as the time spent on our website, the most clicked pages, the words searched before finding our website, general entry times to the site and website performance.

Storage of Personal Data

Some of the data collected here are stored in our database indefinitely and reveal the performance of our website over the years. This data used to improve our site is not used for any advertising activities and it is not shared with third parties. It is possible to block the cookies sent to you by the browser. You can directly block or delete cookies with the cookie options in the settings section of your browser.


Within the scope of this data, information such as your IP addresses, browser type, version, etc., reach us. Information such as IP address is carefully stored and protected by our Privacy Notice. It is not possible to share it with third parties under any circumstances. Information such as IP address is shared only for use in legal processes. These data  are shared with official institutions when necessary which are stored in order to identify users who violate the security of our website, are perceived as a threat or endanger the personal data of others. In addition, Raff Military Textile uses security extensions that provide high-level protection on its site which attaches great importance to the security of your personal data.


The situation is the same when you access our services via a mobile device. Cookies that only monitor your browsing on the internet cannot provide access to your private information, messaging or personal accounts. Providing this type of access depends only on the security vulnerabilities in your mobile device, but it is possible to say that this is very rare due to the firewall on all mobile devices. Despite all this, in order to avoid any unjust treatment, the personal data that will reach us are protected by our Privacy Notice.


Our company will only use and store your personal data it receives for the purposes specified in this Privacy Notice. For example, if we need to retain your data to comply with applicable laws, or if we need to store it so that adverse events can be observed in the future, we will need to retain your personal data. Of course, as Raff Military Textile, we want you to avoid any aggrievement. For this reason, all data to be stored in our company is protected by advanced security add-ons and it is not made available to any third party. Our company will also store some of your data in order to improve our website and analyze its performance. Except when such data is used, it is usually stored for 3 months and it is not even used for advertising purposes.

Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal informations are not shared with third parties:person, agency, company and so on., but these informations can be viewed by our business partners, staff and analysis team. Our team is able to transfer your personal data in collective studies in order to organize business plans, define the customer portfolio and analyze future business planning. This data is used only to provide you with certain products, services, promotions and further develop our business. Our business partners are aware of all the items in our privacy notice and evaluate and analyze the data who carry out a professional work.


It is possible for us to share your information with our affiliated organizations. This is again due to the business planning and development issues we carry out within the scope of a large team. Being aware of this Privacy Notice, the organizations we are affiliated with are also ensured to protect your personal data. Your data can be transferred and used in different environments other than the central office where our company is located. It means that it can be transferred to and kept in computers outside of the state, province, country or other regions. Our Privacy Notice guarantees the protection of your personal data in all these matters. In addition, personal data will be transferred to the relevant jurisdictions in the event that there are people who do not fulfill the legal requirements, violate our company rights and endanger our safety. This situation is completely a legal right granted to our company. Therefore, it is mandatory to transfer personal data in such cases.

Data Privacy Laws

Your personal data will have to be shared and disclosed when a legal process is required. Therefore, it is possible to protect your personal data by complying with the following legal requirements.


  • Strict compliance with legal obligations.
  • Not violating company rights and not providing unauthorized entry.
  • Avoiding website links that are not affiliated with our service.
  • Not putting at risk the personal rights of service users or the public.
  • Even by chance ,not sharing any personal data on our website with the third parties.

Security of Personal Data

The security of your personal data is extremely important to us, but it is not possible to say that any method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure. Our company unfortunately cannot guarantee the absolute security of personal data due to some unwanted situations which strives to use commercially acceptable methods to protect your personal data. The reason for this is people who can access websites illegally. Legal sanctions will be applied to those who will access your personal data by using these means.

Changes in Our Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice is updated from time to time due to the work we carry out on our website. We will notify you of any changes by posting our renewed privacy policy on this page. If the changes come into force, they will be instantly shared on our “Privacy Notice” page. We recommend that you review our privacy policy periodically so that you can see any changes to be made. All changes we did to our privacy notice are effective from the moment they are posted on this page.

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