Military Uniform and Military Clothing

Raff Military Textile is a textile company that was founded more than 50 years ago. As a company that provides service in the military textile sector, we manufacture military clothing and military uniforms, military accessories, military boots, and various types of products and accessories for the staff of official and private firms.

As well as military goods which contain our wide variety of military uniforms and military clothing, our firm also manufactures police uniforms, medical uniforms, turnout gears for firemen, business clothes, business shoes, and accessories. We design and produce all products by ourselves. Innovation and technological development are very important to us. We use very modern technology and the latest model overlocker sewing machines.

Our work as a producer of military clothing, military materials, and military uniforms is carried out by following the International Quality Standards, technical specifications, and demands from our customers.

Raff Military Textile, which develops it’s quality and management policy according to the latest developments in the field; proves its high quality by ISO 9001:2005 quality management system. We also have the ISO:10002:2014, customer satisfaction certificate. All of our military uniforms, police uniforms, and corporate clothing materials are manufactured according to international quality standards and by taking advantage of the latest technological developments.

Our company, which follows the principle of ‘’the best service, the best quality, the best price and the best facility’’ has become one of the most preferred military textile manufacturers, thanks to our military clothing production by using nanotechnology and similar advanced technologies.

Military uniforms Exportation

As one of the leading manufacturers, we mainly sell our military and police clothing products to Balkan, African, and Middle Eastern countries. Our target is to expand to Latin America. We have succeeded in becoming a well-known producer of military clothing and military uniforms around the world. Although Raff Military Textile is also competitive in the domestic market, the first priority for Raff Military Textile is still export.

Our firm, which is specialized in the military textile, in other words, in the productions like military uniforms, accessories, corporate clothes, police uniforms, is one of the most preferred firms in its field now, around the world.

Raff Military Textile manufactures its products by following the international quality standards for different countries. Designs and sampling processes are in accordance with international standards. We also consider the demands and technical specifications of the countries and corporations. Our company, which provides service according to those production conditions and principles, is increasing its fame around the world.

Other Prominent Features of Our Firm

Our company, which develops steadily as a military goods producer, also follows the latest developments in the domestic area. We also support the advancement of Turkey's defense industry.

Defense and Aviation Industry Manufacturers Association, Defense and Aviation Exporters Association are among the foundations and organizations that we are affiliated to. Those associations support the advancement and refreshment of the Turkish defense and aviation industry. They also support the capacity to compete in the Turkish defense and aviation industry.

Our firm, whose main goal is the advancement of the Turkish defense and aviation industry, continues its activities at the domestic and international level, based upon that goal. We aim at increasing the number of countries we export to, and the amount of the export. We are also aiming at making our country name in the military textile industry and supporting its competitiveness. In accordance with these targets; we will continue to manufacture without appeasing the high-quality principles and customer satisfaction.

Raff Military Textile Blog
We recently had the privilege of attending Milipol Paris 2023, the world’s largest security fair held in Paris. In this magnificent fair, which was attended by approximately 30.000 people, our brand once again proved its success in the field of military textiles to the whole world by attracting great interest from a wide variety of visitors. >>
Raff Military Textile Returns from Milipol Paris with Intense Interest!
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