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Raff Military Textile is a textile company which was founded more than 30 years ago and specializes in military textile. Serving in the military textile sector, our company produces military products, military clothes, military uniforms, military boots and accessories, which are called as military supplies, and textile products prepared for the personnel of various public and private institutions. In addition to the called military equipment, our company produces police clothing, police uniforms, medical uniforms, firefighters' clothing, work clothes, shoes and accessories. Our company manufactures and designs all the products itself. As a manufacturer of military equipments, our design and manufacturing activities are carried out in the factories and production lines where automatic and electronic machines adapt to the latest technology.

Production Conditions
As a manufacturer of military equipment, our work is carried out in accordance with international quality standards, technical specifications and the demands of our customers. Raff Military Textile continuously improves its quality and management system in accordance with the changes and registered its with ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system. It also has ISO 10002: 2014 customer satisfaction certificate proving our quality and the level of our relationship with customers.

The main themes of our production are military clothing, police clothing and institutional clothes, all in accordance with the documents we have and provided that we benefit from the latest technological developments.

Countries We Export
Raff Military Textile, one of the world's leading companies in the military textile sector, exports to European - Asian - African countries. The countries and regions that we export our products include Turkish Republics, Balkan countries, Middle East countries and African countries.

Our company, which aims to increase its contribution to the national economy, has determined the Latin American countries as the new target region. Although influential in the domestic market, Raff Military Textile is an export-oriented company that manages to make a name for itself as a military equipment manufacturer worldwide.

Our company that specializes in the military textile sector, has become one of the preferred companies in the world at military clothing, military boots, military uniforms, military accessories, police clothing and accessories and institutional clothing.

Raff Military Textile, which has become one of the internationally recognized companies, is based on international quality standards in uniform design and sampling processes of all countries in which it operates. We manufacture in accordance with the technical specifications of the countries and institutions and the special requests of the institutions.

Serving with these production conditions and principles, our company continues to increase its share in the worldwide military textile sector.

Featured Highlights
As a manufacturer of military equipments, our company continues to grow steadily in its sector and follows domestic developments and supports the development of the defense industry.

Among the institutions and organizations that our company is a member of Defense and Aerospace Manufacturers Association (SASAD) and Defense and Aviation Industry Exporters Association (SSI), which contributes to the development, strengthening and competitiveness of Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry.

Our main goal is the development of Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry, our company continues its activities at domestic and abroad adhering to this goal.

We aim to increase the number and export amount of the countries to which we export, to glorify our country's name and increase its competitiveness in the military textile sector. In order to achieve our targets, we will continue to produce without compromising the principles of quality production and customer satisfaction.

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