Based on nearly half century ago, Raff Military Textile is an institutional company that has been renowned for its innovative, technological developments and its staff that blends knowledge and experience from the past.

Since its inception, our company has been in a steady growth and has become one of the leading manufacturers in the field of military textile. It continues its activities both in domestic and foreign markets.

The main themes of our production are military uniforms, police clothing and institutional clothing.

Our company, which is specialized in the field of military textile, offers its products according to the technical specifications based on the international quality standards in the uniform design and sampling of all the countries.

We are mainly active in the African continent and Middle East countries and our target is to reach Latin America too.

Raff Textile, which has been continuously improving its quality and management system, has been certified with ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and we have ISO 10002: 2014 customer satisfaction certificates.

Our company, which is focused on export, is a part of the business at every stage with its professional team. Accurate, healthy communication and relationship with our customers is one of our greatest advantages.

In all processes, we take the steps to fully perceive the needs and expectations of our customers and become a solution partner. Nearby, we are establishing long-term relationships based on trust, and we also continue our support after the sale.

From past to present, we have adopted all the principles and the best service, best quality, best price and fast service principles. Our goal is to take place among the leading companies with international recognition in this sector.

Our company continues its development with stable steps and Pproudly continues to gain share in Turkey’s economy.

Raff Textile, which has been manufacturing and exporting for half a century, has the membership of Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) and Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association (SSI) which contribute to the development, strengthening and competitive ability of Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry.