On this page, we exhibit Raff Textile military uniform / camouflage uniform models that we produce from Rypstop / Gabardine, Cotton / polyester etc..

Raff Military Textile is the best choice for institutions that wish to contact with a company that produce safe and high-class products for the military. Raff Military Textile have an important experience in that sector, and produce proper military clothes and accessories for a long time. The company produce military clothes and accessories for many Turkic Republics, Balkan countries, Middle East countries and Africa countries. It has a significant export valume.

The only thing come to mind when ‘’military uniform’’ said, should not be camouflage. Different uniforms are available for different situations. Uniforms for military ceremony and uniforms for camouflage should be distinguished from each other. Since that products have different intended purposes, their production process should also be different. All the products which are produced by Raff Military Textile is suitable for its purpose and wearproof.

Ceremonial clothes are designed by Raff Military Textile by request. Those products have some accessories which are suitable for a ceremonial clothes like metal buttons etc. In the production of those clothes, high class cottons like polyester, wool cotton fabric, are used. All of those are produced very varefully.

Ceremonial clothes that produced for different countries, also have different forms vary by troops . Those clothes could be produced for land troops, the navy and and airforces.