The military ranks and military epaulettes are decorative pieces. In the army, they use them as rank insignia. Military ranks can be applied to any military uniform, but epaulettes can only be applied to military ceremony suits. Military ranks and military epaulettes are usually worn at military events. These military pieces can be made of different types of materials.

Military ranks are generally made with fabrics or polystyrene. Military epaulettes are made with metal. Soldiers need the best quality military ranks and military epaulettes to miss any problems at events. The quality of military products is very important for us. We can design and produce customized ranks and epaulettes for you. No matter what your preferences are, we are here to meet your needs.


In the army, wearing a military rank and military epaulettes is essential. Each one is used for a different reason. Military ranks and epaulettes demonstrate the soldier’s role and give the elegance that must be expressed in the military uniform. Military ranks are used to identify the soldier’s role, time in service, and authority relative to other members.

The army’s occupation is the protection of the Constitution and the people’s rights. Thus, is important for the soldiers to wear their military rank on their uniforms. Normally, the military rank is placed on the sleeves of the uniform or the hat. Conversely, soldiers wear the military epaulettes only on their ceremony suits. In the past, the military epaulettes were also used to tell the rank of a soldier or an officer. However, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, military epaulettes are worn only on ceremony suits. Those are placed on the soldier’s shoulders to give more elegance to the uniform.


Raff Military Textile is a company that has been more than 50 years on the military textile market. Our company has relevant experience in the production and exportation of military ranks and military epaulettes all around the world. As a military ranks and military epaulettes manufacturer, we know how to produce military products and which material to use. It doesn’t matter if it’s about military uniforms or accessories; the military material has to be resistant. In that way, the materials and fabrics that we use have to be able to endure any kind of situation. For us is also very important that the fabrics and materials are antibacterial. This is indeed the case for the materials uncovered by us. Our customers have the opportunity to choose the fabrics they want (wool fabrics, poly-viscose fabrics, poly-cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics).

Our military rank and military epaulettes are used in different parts of the world. We mainly export our products to Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Our company has significant experience in producing and exporting military products around the world. Raff Military Textile is an expert in the production of military ranks and epaulettes. We use the best technologies to optimize smooth production, fast delivery, and to have satisfied customers. We create, manufacture, export, sell, and distribute a huge variety of military and police uniforms, clothes, and equipment. Our goal is to produce the best military and police products at the best price, and without sacrificing quality.


We use different places and methods for applying military ranks and military epaulettes.


The military ranks are generally placed on the uniform’s sleeves and military hats. The application methods that we usually use are sewing and velcro. With these methods, our military ranks are applied to all kinds of fabrics.

However, there is another method of application that we use called “Application on coated or heat-sensitive fabrics”. With this method, the military ranks are applied to coated or heat-sensitive fabrics in frequency machines. This waterproofing method is suitable for various materials like fleece, wool, raincoat fabric, artificial leather, genuine leather, and bag fabrics. Any type of coating, deformation, and glare risk will not happen. In this method, an application cliché is made first. Military ranks are placed inside the cliché by turning it upside-down. The fabric to be applied is placed on the cliché and coat of military rank in an upside-down way. A pressure of 3 bars is applied for 3 seconds at a temperature of 50 C. There is no deformation on the crests and fabrics.


The military epaulettes application method is totally different. Epaulettes are fastened to the shoulder by a shoulder strap* passing through the holes in the shoulder of the ceremony coat. Commonly, any shoulder straps with markings are also called epaulettes.
*It is a thin strap on the outside of the back, with a button on the underside of the epaulette.