Military badges and military patches have been used in the army for centuries. These textile pieces can have any type of signification. Thanks to their versatility, these decorations can be placed in any military uniform with different methods and techniques. Military badges and military patches were only used by soldiers or security forces in the past to represent the soldier’s courage and gallantry.

Nowadays, the use of military badges and military patches has spread to the masses. Today anyone can wear this accessory in its different presentations and symbols. For this reason, a lot of companies produce military badges and military patches. However, only the specialists in the army branch can produce high-quality military badges and military patches.


The military badges and military patches are made especially for soldiers and army organizations. However, there are some cases where badges are also used by police. One of the principal purposes of military badges is to identify the soldier’s name, where he comes from, skills, etc. For example, to identify from which military unit the private comes. In the case of military patches, there is a big number of people who are interested in military products such as patches with camouflage patterns, or any kind of military figure.

People who are not related to the military are also interested in military patches. They use them on their denim jackets. Also, they place them on airsoft uniforms to bring them a great military look. Military badges and military patches have many types of designs. Anyone can design their own type of badge or patch. Thus, anyone can give meaning to the patch or badge. For example, a group of soldiers that combated together can have the same military badge or military patch. That piece of fabric makes them remember the event.


What is the difference between military badges and military patches? Both military badges and military patches can indeed be designed with any kind of figures, letters, or images, there’s still one characteristic that makes them different from each other. Generally, military badges are made for military institutions or military organizations. However, patches can be produced for anyone who wants a piece of fabric with specific characteristics. Both can be made with the same materials and be in the same line of production, but their use will be different. Basically, a badge can be a patch, but a patch cannot be a badge. For example, a country’s flag painted with a camouflage pattern can be a military patch but cannot be a military badge.


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The military patches consist of embroideries that are made directly on a highly resistant base of fabric and sewn on some other fabric to reinforce it and cover the reverse side of the lace to preserve the inside of the yarn in a double and strengthened manner. These embroideries are typically manufactured on machines, acting following a series of digitized graphic designs that have previously been recorded in the memory of these machines.

Military badges production has basically the same process as the military patches. The badge’s embroideries are produced on machines, operating following several digitized graphic designs previously recorded on these machines. Military badges can be manufactured for different methods of application. Can be for velcro applications, a sewn method for all type of fabrics, or an application on uncoated fabric floors.