In today’s world, people who want to have police clothes which are used by the police, contact with various different companies. The materials used in the production process of police clothing must be high quality and first class materials. In addition, these clothes must be sturdy and not to cause health problems. Although there are many different textile companies that produce police clothing on the market, the number of companies producing these products by meeting all the criteria is quite low, .Raff Military Textile, which manufactures and sells all clothes, accessories etc. which needed by the police, is one of the most important companies which can meet all the needs of the police by its high quality and solid materials.

Raff Military Textile also produces military uniforms not just police uniforms. This company, which generally makes import based production has a wide ranging export power from Turkey to the Middle East and Balkan countries, even African Continent. Raff Military Textile sells suits, military shirts, military boots, police uniforms, promotional gadgets to manty state and private institutions, technical special clothing for private sector in Turkey. Moreover, products such as police coats, police and soldier hats, police handcuffs, soldier helmets, military vests and soldier tent are also included in the products produced and sold by Raff Military Textile.