Raff Military Textile Returns from Milipol Paris with Intense Interest!

We recently had the privilege of attending Milipol Paris 2023, the world’s largest security fair held in Paris. In this magnificent fair, which was attended by approximately 30.000 people, our brand once again proved its success in the field of military textiles to the whole world by attracting great interest from a wide variety of visitors.

Meeting with International Visionaries

Milipol Paris is held every two years and brings together visionary business people in the defense and security sectors in terms of both stand owners and visitors. Our brand, Raff Military Textile makes an effort to participate every year it is organized and this year, as every year, Milipol Paris provided us with a good platform to connect with very successful professionals in their fields.

We Were Welcomed with Intense Interest

As Raff Military Textile, we have been operating in the field of textiles for many years. In this process, we have visited many countries and had the opportunity to meet with countless potential customers, but the intense interest we encounter always manages to surprise and please us on every visit. As always, the warm interest we encountered at Milipol Paris really impressed us. The equipment in our portfolio attracted the attention of defense industry professionals as well as civilian visitors. We can say that this interest is proof that everyone appreciates the suitability and quality of the products Raff Military Textile offers to the defense sector.

ATAMAP Associates General Manager Mr. Kunle Abeshinbioke and Raff Military Textile General Manager Mr. Eray Yükseloğlu and Sales Director Mr. Ceyhun Şahbaz

Cooperation with ATAMAP Associates International

Among the many fruitful collaborations that emerged at the fair, one of the most prominent was our cooperation with ATAMAP Associates International, one of Nigeria’s leading security companies. We joined forces with ATAMAP Associates as a result of our shared values, expertise in our field and commitment to quality. Through negotiations and consensus, we laid the foundation for excellent cooperation.

About ATAMAP Associates International

ATAMAP Associates International is a Nigerian export company providing high-end protective equipment to enhance security measures. Always driven by the understanding of price and performance, Atamap fits perfectly into the ethos of Raff Military Textile. Our collaboration with ATAMAP Associates International is built on shared goals and synergies and aims to leverage our collective expertise to address evolving challenges in the defense sector both in Nigeria and international field.

In Conclusion

As Raff Military Textile, we are proud to be a part of Milipol, the world’s most influential security exhibition. Together with our dynamic and creative team, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the defense sector and contributing to a safer world. Stay tuned for more innovations as we continue to chart new territory and set new benchmarks in military, police and corporate textiles and defense solutions.