The military backpack is one of the most important military equipment. Soldiers use it to carry all the equipment required for any mission. A military backpack must have enough space for all the required equipment: extra clothes, food, basic medical equipment, resting equipment, lighting equipment, batteries, etc. Most of the military equipment is in the military backpack. Backpack space is one of the essential factors that must be considered to support the soldiers. Space is necessary for an endless number of military equipment and accessories that will be used at the time or as a precaution.

For example, carrying military sleeping bags is especially important because the soldiers have to rest whenever they can. Also, they must rest in comfortable environments so that their sleeping hours are as pleasant as possible. The military backpack can store such things as a sleeping bag that, while they have become more lightweight over time, still require a wide area. Thanks to the ability of the backpack, it is possible to carry them anywhere. This allows more equipment to be carried inside the military backpack. In Raff Military Textile, we can produce a military backpack in a durable and high-quality manner.

Our backpacks are made of 100% nylon, in addition to having a design that allows soldiers to store required equipment, both inside the backpack and in strategically positioned pockets. In this way, more military equipment can be carried more easily at any time. The air mat carrying system, which is made of carbon, allows the military backpack to stand upright, which allows using the zippers with precision and ease.

Other characteristics are also important for the design and manufacture of a high-quality backpack. The Raff Military Textile military backpack is lightweight and bulky, capable of being extended in a great way. In addition, the fabric used to make the military backpack is waterproof, UV, and cold-proof, which is one of the essential characteristics of these backpacks. The military backpack is made of 200D Cordura fabric on the top and 500D fabric on the bottom.