A military sweater is a required component of the winter uniform that soldiers wear to stay warm. Every soldier requires a warm and comfortable sweater that is suitable for everyday wear and does not restrict movement in the winter. Military sweaters must be soft, pleasant, and comfortable for the soldier to move freely and feel comfortable and warm while wearing them.


To meet the needs of the soldiers, a military sweater must be warm, comfortable, and of superior quality. Our company manufactures a variety of military sweaters. The most common material combinations that we use in the production of military sweaters are 50% acrylic / acrylic wool, 80/20% wool / acrylic, 100% cotton, 50/50% cotton / acrylic, 30/70% wool / acrylic, 50% wool. We also use gabardine fabric. Gabardine is a relatively light and soft fabric that keeps its shape well and does not wrinkle during the washing process. It is made from a mix of cotton and wool. In this way, we get durable and comfortable material with a soft texture. Gabardine is a very thick and compact fabric that is very durable. The elbows and shoulders of our military sweaters are further reinforced. Military sweaters are usually made in darker colors. They can be with a round or V-neck.