Our military belts are tactically designed to serve different purposes. The length is between 1270 and 1290 mm. They are extremely long-lasting and damage-resistant. We produce a variety of models, including leather (brown or black) and camouflage (green and brown). They have a MOLLE tape system, which allows them to connect with weapons and handcuffs holders. Military belts with a holster can be used to store ammunition and other military equipment. They are an important part of military equipment because they provide excellent security and military equipment organization. It is very important that the ammunition and other military equipment are properly placed in strategic places. One of the most essential advantages of military belts is the ability to store everything in key locations and have it conveniently accessible.


A military shoulder strap is an essential piece of military and police equipment. A military shoulder strap is mostly used to keep a rifle or gun close to the body or around the user’s shoulder. We use leather and polyester 600D to make military straps. They are both contemporary and long-lasting. They have a length that can be adjusted. They come in a variety of colors. The military shoulder strap can be connected with weapons and handcuffs holders and other items using the MOLLE tape system.