The resistance of military helmet is one of the main characteristics of these military items must-have. Within the military uniform, it is one of the main accessories for the protection it provides to the soldier’s head. Helmets have been used since time to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. A simple blow in this area can be devastating and fulminating, so the materials that were used in the past were metallic.

Although they were effective to withstand any type of blow due to the time of material, this type of helmet was very uncomfortable, both to wear and for the visibility of those who were wearing it. Also, it was uncomfortable to wear it for a long period, so the evolution of helmets served the combatants well. With time and with the search for new materials, the helmets were changing. With the birth of the armies, the helmets had to change to be able to generate more quickly, with the ability to fall at the head of the soldier. The general look of the military helmet is the classic green color, smooth on the top of the helmet, and a strap that helps keep the helmet in place.

Over 100 years, military items have changed positively so that uniforms have no problems and can wear them comfortably. For this reason, modifications have been made to the military helmet in the elapsed time. For example, the helmets of 70 years ago do not compare with the technology that those of today carry. Being something simple , military helmets used in modern times have small mattresses within them to provide greater comfort. Previously, helmets could not carry anything else on it. In modern times they evolved and it became possible to place lights on the helmet, and as time went by, more accessories were placed until video cameras that transmit in real-time what the soldier sees in front of him.

Military helmets already have slots that make it easy to place various accessories, be they microphones, cameras, lights, or, depending on the mission, whatever is needed at that time. Besides, the materials are lighter and resistant than the previous ones. Like military helmets, uniforms, can also be printed with a camouflage pattern on any type corresponding to the uniform. In this way, you can blend in with the environment as well as with the outfit. This article is one of the most representatives in a military uniform and one of the fundamental ones. Soldiers must be well protected at all times, so leaving a part as vulnerable as the head unprotected would make someone unconscious.

The military helmet can save a person from a fall in which he falls with his head as any other circumstance, such as an object that falls on his head or some other that goes at considerable speed. These types of situations are similar to those faced by cyclists when they fall off their bicycles, where the helmet covers protect the skull so that it does not suffer any injury. Thus, when a cyclist falls, the impact of the fall goes to the helmet. In the case of the military helmet, it must withstand another type of collision to maintain the integrity of the soldier. In conclusion, the military helmet has become something characteristic, that without it, the military uniform would not be the same.