The military lanyards, also called aiguillettes, are cords with metal tips. The army forces wear them as decoration with the ceremony uniforms. They usually wear them with the ceremony uniform between the chest and the shoulder. The military military lanyards are also called “aiguillette”, “aglets” or “aiglets”. The origin of this word is French (aiguille). Aiguille means needle. Military lanyards were popular in the 16th and 17th centuries as functional items or only decorative fasteners of silk cord with metal tips.

Today, the military lanyard is ornamental plaited cords with decorative metal tips. Soldiers wear them with military uniforms as part of other costumes such as an academic dress or a military ceremony uniform. This use of the “aiguillette” is derived from the lacing used to fasten plate armor together. A knot or loop arrangement was used as such. They hung from the shoulder sometimes. The military cords are made of ripstop. Ripstop is highly resistant to abrasion and distortion. We also use gabardine fabric. The gabardine fabrics are little wrinkles and give rise to a discreetly waterproof result.


The cords are generally used passing under the epaulette, encircling the shoulder, and joining together with the buttons. The military dress cords can be placed on the right and the left side of the uniform. There is another form to place the military dress cords. In this case, the cords can pass through the armpit. This is also common in some different armies around the world. The position of the military dress cords will depend on the way the country’s army has done before. For example, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have two meanings for the red military dress cords. If a soldier uses the cords on the left side, it means that it is part of the IDF Orchestra. But if the cords are placed on the right side, mainly, the soldier is part of the Senior Navy Instructors.


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You can see the military lanyard at any military ceremony event. However, every country in the world has its own style to wear military ceremony uniforms. Generally, the military lanyards are in colors like gold and silver. Aglets can also be in other types of colors. In different countries, military lanyards have contrasting uses, colors, and significations. For example, in Spain, it is common to see the military lanyard in the red color for cadets. In Israel, the IDF uses the red color for Senior Navy Instructors and the Orchestra. They prefer to reserve the golden color for the Military attaches.

In Singapore, they choose to use a military lanyard on the right side and only for specific appointments. For example, in this country, only the Chief of Defense Force, Commissioner of Police, Commissioner of the Singapore Civil Defense Force, Aides-de-camp to the President, Honorary aides-de-camp to the President, Military attachés and assistant military attachés, and MA/SA/NA to the Chief of Defense Force and service chiefs can use a military lanyard.

Musicians of the Singapore Armed Forces Band and the Singapore Police Force Band wear lanyards on their left shoulder. U.S. Army Service military lanyards are carried on the left shoulder only by Army Attachés, Assistant Army Attachés, and Aides-de-Camp. Assistants appointed to the President, First Family, White House, and Foreign Heads of State with Class A Uniform or Army Service Uniform wear the military cords on the right side.