You can find the military ceremonial uniform, ladies ceremonial uniform and officer uniform models which are produced by Raff Textil by using high class materials.

If there is a wish to contact with a trustworthy producer would be the best choice. Raff Military Textile is active in the military textile sector for more than 30 years. Moreover, it is not only active in Turkey but also in the world. Raff Military Textile import products to many Turkic republics, Middle East and Balkan countries and Africa countries. Both official and private institutions of many country are met by the company.

Military suits are most wanted military clothes. These clothes which are designed to wear in ceremonies have a lot of models. There are different models for different units of the army. The suit of navy, the suit of land forces and the suit of the air forces are different from each other. Moreover, the suit of officer and sergeant are also different from each other. Raff Military Textile, produce suits which are suitable for every unit and rank. In suits, various accessories are used like buttons and engravings and suits are produced by using high class fabrics.