In this category, you can find all the police boots and shoes (for women and men) that Raff Military Textile has available. It’s not easy to walk on the streets. Police boots and shoes must protect the feet and the legs and, in turn, to be as comfortable as possible to stand for hours. Raff Military Textile has different models of police boots and shoes for different environments.

Officers can use both police boots and shoes, for example, but it is more convenient than if an anti-riot operation is carried out, law enforcement officers wear boots to protect themselves. In the case of shoes, they can be used for everyday use and, in the same way, for a formal event. In the case of female agents, Raff Military Textile also manufactures ceremony shoes for formal events. Our company has experience in this sector and has been producing high-quality police boots and shoes for a long time.

Raff Military Textile manufactures boots and shoes for countries such as the Republic of Turkey, Balkan countries, Middle East countries, and African countries. The police boots and shoes that are shown in this category are made of leather and other breathable materials. The numbering scheme is between 37-47 sizes. Like all our products, the police shoes and boots are made of the highest quality materials.