The election merchandise manufacturer Raff Military Textile is a Turkish company that is always willing to meet new clients from different parts of the world. The company is specialized in military and police uniforms but also has extensive manufacturing experience in the field of election merchandise. We work with legal domestic legislation, offering our products and services according to customer needs and expectations. We strive to continuously improve our quality and management system. We have certificates:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
ISO 10002: 2014 Customer Satisfaction

Raff Military Textile has made t-shirts for so many Turkish companies, including Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Our products are made of the best quality fabrics. The company has been dedicated to the textile industry for more than 50 years, with a presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia. From Africa, Raff Military Textile has worked with countries such as Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Cameroon. Although the military industry is one of our main fields, Raff Military Textile has been manufacturing high-quality custom election and campaign products for years. We usually manufacture t-shirts, pants, and caps that match the outfit.

However, products can also be attached depending on demand. For example; bracelets, flags, backpacks, and other products can be used to convey the idea or image of the politician. All of these products must be made of quality materials so that the supporters do not have problems using them. While when it comes to elections, most people focus on presidential elections. However, election merchandise can be used for both municipal and school elections, or it can also be used for private events. All the custom election products that are made are prepared with care, quality, and elegance.

Any style of logo that the client wants will be incorporated into the product without any inconvenience. Regarding the materials used in the election merchandise, the t-shirts are produced with 100% cotton. On the other hand, the caps are produced with 50% cotton and 50% polyester to maintain their shape and to be resistant. The pandemic has changed so many aspects of how we live now. The manufacturer of election merchandise must be prepared for any kind of products that the customer will need in the next election. For example, when it comes to the pandemic, all people wear masks.

It is mandatory all around the world by the principal governments. Masks can be now considered as election merchandise. The masks are a good opportunity for clients to print a message and carry them around the city. One of the most common custom campaign products and a favorite for the customers is the backpack. Candidates use this election merchandise as a gift for the kids that don’t have a backpack for school. With this strategy, a candidate can have a good image of helping kids and he can also apply his face in all the backpacks he gives as a gift.

Another item from the election merchandise category that can help people to go to the vote booths is the cap. In parts of Tanzania, people like to wear hats or caps. That’s why in Tanzania it is a great idea to produce hats or caps as election merchandise. Phrases, ideas, images, or any type of content can be placed there. Caps are one of the products that tend to last longer due to their use and the type of materials of which they are made, much more if they are made of high-quality fabric. Also, they are one of the products that are used the most since the sun is always present in several African nations, so having a custom election product with the sun cover is a good idea.

This is why customers often request caps at the time of the election. Raff Military Textile has a high production capacity for both, military uniforms and election merchandise. We can also send any kind of product around the world by plane, truck, or ship. The company adapts to the customer’s needs and produces the best fabric products on the market. We have a large catalog of colors, which allows us to be competitive in the textile market regardless of the area in which it is required. As one of the leading textile manufacturers, Raff Military Textile exports its military clothing, police clothing, and custom election supplies to European, Asian, and African countries.

The key feature of the election merchandise is that it can be used before, during, and after the elections. If there is a need to spread a message, the best way to do that is to give the people accessories that they can use daily. For example, children need a large number of school supplies to go to school, such as pencils, pens, notebooks, or backpacks. The vast majority of these products can be used as election products since they can be distributed in schools where the children’s parents do not have the monetary solvency to acquire such items.

In this way, the parents of these children feel supported by the sponsorship of the candidate who comes out as school supplies. This creates confidence in the image of a candidate who makes his parents vote for him in the next election. The value of election merchandise in Tanzania, and many other parts of the world, is a message that helps spread throughout society, especially in communities that need support. In this way, the purchase of this type of product may be considered as a political investment by the candidates, as these products allow them to have an impact on the everyday lives of voters.

Psychologically, voters will be familiarized with the image of the candidate, which will generate confidence and a greater decision to vote in favor of the candidate. We provide to our international clients an extensive and diverse catalog of election merchandise. Naturally, every country has different needs. We can design and produce customized election accessories for each customer. The quality of the materials is recognized worldwide, and this is the very reason why our customers are loyal to us.