Full dress uniform or ceremony uniform is the most formal type of uniform in uniformed public services. Full dress uniforms are worn for a variety of ceremonial events and public gatherings, including private ones such as weddings and funerals. The design of the full dress uniform varies according to the service branch (army, navy, airforce, marines). They include full-size rank insignia, badges and patches, epaulettes, and lanyards as well.


Blue Mess Uniform

This uniform is identical to a civilian “black-tie” or “white-tie” outfit when worn as a formal evening dress in the mess or on other formal occasions. It consists of an Army blue mess jacket, high-waisted pants, a white semi-formal dress shirt with a turndown collar, a black bow tie, and a black cummerbund. Blue pants with a high waist but no pleats or hip pockets. This uniform is worn at white-tie occasions with a white formal dress shirt with a wing collar, a white waistcoat, and a white bow tie.

White Mess Uniform

This uniform, which is commonly worn in the summer, is identical to the normal Mess Uniform. It does, however, have a white mess jacket and black high-waisted pants. All ranks wear the same pants.


Service Dress Uniform

This uniform, commonly known as Air Force dress blues, consists of a three-button coat with silver-colored buttons, matching pants, and either a service cap or flight cap. Women’s military dress uniforms are identical to men’s service dress uniforms, but they can include additional items such as a skirt, stockings, and a women’s style flight cap. A maternity uniform is also permitted.

Mess Dress Uniform

This uniform is similar to civilian “black-tie” wear and is used for formal or semi-formal situations. The men’s uniform consists of a dark blue mess jacket and mess dress pants, and the women’s uniform consists of a similar color evening-length skirt.


We know that military full dress uniforms are special. Because of that, they are produced differently from regular military uniforms. Military full dress uniforms are made of high-quality materials that look refined and elegant, and they are appropriate for all military ceremonies. They also have some details (like golden buttons) which make them suitable for special military events. The fabrics that are used for the production of these types of suits are high-class cotton-like polyester, wool cotton, etc. All our uniforms are long-lasting, comfortable, practical, and of exceptional quality. We can make all types of full dress uniforms for you that are completely customized to your specifications and needs.