You can find the accessories models which produced by Raff Textile such as assault vest, tactical vest, bandolier, military gloves and sleeping-bag.

Although there are many companies producing military outfits, the ones that do this work properly are very few. Raff Military Textile is known as the company that produces these products almost in a perfect way. The company produces variety of military products. In addition, these products are produced not only used by the institutions in Turkey, but also by many countries around the world. Besides many Turkic republics, some Balkan countries and Middle Eastern countries are among the countries which use those products. Accessories are as important as military clothing.

The functions of the accessories may vary depending on the kind. However, if there is a need to make a general definition, we can say that, the main duty of the accessories in military clothing is to complete the camouflage uniforms and increase safety. These accessories, are used by police, private security personnel as well as soldiers. Among the most used accessories; there are gun and radio cases, water flasks, bandoliers, hats. In addition, the products that can be used by both soldiers and those who work outside of the army include handcuffs, shields, sleeping tents and sleeping mats. All these materials are produced in the best and safest way by Raff Military Textil. These products are offered to you in the most affordable way.