Founded about half a century ago, Raff Military Textile is specialized in the production and commercialization of Military Clothing and has become one of the leading producers in Military Textile sector in Turkey. In recent years, it has begun proposing to its customers from the three continents the success achieved in the design and production of Military/Police uniforms, gears and equipments.
Regarding Military Clothing in the domestic market, it manufactures and delivers to state institutions, technical specialized uniforms for the need of private companies and promotion products for organisations. It has realized exports of Military/Police uniforms, accessories and equipments to public and private institutions from all around the world, specially to African countries, Middle Eastern countries, Balkan countries, Turki Republics in middle Asia and many others. Working with completely with the legal domestic legislation and offering our products and services according to customer needs and expectations, we thrive for a continuous improvement of our quality and management system. 
With : 
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System registered as Asker Malzemeleri Raff we qualified to receive 
ISO 10002:2004 Client Satisfaction System Certificate.
Closely following the World Military Clothing market, our company is proud to produce and deliver as a “Solution partner” and not just a supplier the highest available product and service to its customers all around the world. With a strong array of customers in Turkey and Foreign countries Raff Military Textile is one of the biggest manufacturing and exporting companies in army uniforms and security clothing business. From fabric control to sewing, from sewing to packaging and every required process, Raff Military Textile which can offers all models of military, police unifroms and security clothing at the same quality and efficiency, is going forward with sure steps.
By designing next to quality production , it focuses on developing models requested by customers as a key element of customer satisfaction.
Our Vision
Be a reputable global company known all around the world in the sector in the field of Military Uniforms in terms of success, reliability, entrepreneurship, and prestige.
Our Mission
With the achievements it has reached from exporting military uniforms to the countries of the world, to become a pioneering company that aims to increase its targets every passing day and provide service to all countries of the world by providing positive contribution to the country's economy and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, without compromising the quality of Military Cloting Production.