Raff Military Textile Joins SAHA İstanbul

A New Milestone Achievement in Defense Industry

As Raff Military Textile, we are honored to share with you that we have been accepted as one of the exclusive members of SAHA İstanbul, the largest industrial community in Turkey and Europe.

About SAHA İstanbul

SAHA İstanbul was established in 2015 to serve as a dynamic ecosystem that facilitates networking, cooperation and exchange of ideas among organizations committed to developing Turkey’s defense industry. SAHA İstanbul, which continues its activities under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, was registered as one of the largest industrial clusters in Turkey and Europe in 2022. SAHA İstanbul is a rare platform that brings together industry leaders, innovators and key players to foster growth, share knowledge and drive developments in defense technologies.

What Does It Mean for Raff Military Textile?

As a member of SAHA İstanbul, Raff Military Textile gains access to valuable international resources, opportunities and a network of like-minded professionals and companies!

Cooperation Opportunities: Our membership in SAHA İstanbul opens the doors to collaboration with other reputable members, paving the way for joint ventures, research initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Information Exchange: In addition to the information environment where we can share our expertise, learn from industry leaders and follow the latest technologies in our industry, we look forward to participating in the events, forums and workshops that SAHA İstanbul will offer us.

Market Access: Being a part of SAHA İstanbul further increases our growth in the defense industry and offers the opportunity to showcase our products and services to a wider audience both nationally and internationally.

Where the Best Is, Raff Military Textile Is Always There!

As Raff Military Textile, this strong partnership with SAHA İstanbul supports our goal of shaping not only today’s defense sector but also the defense sector of the future. By providing more effective and high-quality solutions to the dynamic needs of our customers, we further strengthen our aim to consolidate our leadership in the defense sector.

This collaboration emphasizes our commitment to innovation and reflects our commitment to deliver products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations by anticipating developments in the industry. Stay tuned to closely follow the developments in our company during this exciting period, which will begin in 2024 with SAHA İstanbul. We look forward to updating you with new projects, products and success stories.