Top 10 Remarkable Breakthroughs and Achievements by Raff Military Textile in 2023

2023 was an extraordinary year full of achievements that took Raff Military Textile to new heights. Reflecting on our journey, we cherish the memories of global adventures, exciting collaborations, memorable events and celebrations, prestigious awards, groundbreaking projects, and innovative product launches. In this great year of countless advancements, check out the 10 key highlights that defined our journey in 2023:

1. Global Reach with B2B Meetings 🌍

B2B Toplantıları ile Küresel Erişim

Through Türkiye Exporters Assembly(TIM), of which we are a member, we’ve enhanced our global textile presence through monthly visits to various countries since February 2023, opening the door to cooperation opportunities. We organized B2B meetings in Congo, Colombia, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively, further strengthening our global presence in these regions.

2. Strategic Visits in West Africa ✈️

As a demonstration of our commitment to global partnerships, during the year we travelled to West Africa, where we have many customers and partners 👨💼. We met with government officials and key partners in Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Guinea respectively, reinforcing once again the strong connections of our existing partnerships.

3. Important Collaborations in Nigeria and Kenya 🤝

Nijerya ve Kenya'da Önemli İşbirlikleri

We joined forces with ATAMAP Associates International, Nigeria’s leading security company, to provide high-end protective equipment to enhance security measures. We also agreed to lay the foundations of a modern military textile factory with our partners in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

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4. Interview of our Sales Director to Angola’s Most Popular Newspaper

Satış Direktörümüzün Angola'nın En Popüler Gazetesine Verdiği Röportaj

Our Sales Director, Ceyhun Sahbaz , gave an exclusive 2-page interview to “Economia & Finanças”, one of the most popular newspapers in Angola. This provided readers with important information about our company’s vision, values, and the impact of our products on a global scale.

5. International Media Recognition 📷

Uluslararası Medya Tanınırlığı

Our collaborations and innovative work did not go unnoticed by the world press. From the beginning of 2023, Raff Military Textile was featured in leading media outlets in Africa, the Middle East, and South America, establishing our reputation as a global industry leader 🏭.

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6. Major Security Expo in Venezuela 💼

Venezuela'da Büyük Güvenlik Fuarı

In 2023, we set our sights on South America, proudly showcasing our country at a significant security expo in Venezuela. Making our debut visit, we not only expanded our footprint but also left a lasting impact on the South American market.👣

7. Participation in Milipol Paris

Milipol Paris'e katılım

One of the highlights of this year was our participation in Milipol Paris, the world’s largest security exhibition. The event garnered immense attention, with our global security products taking centre stage and capturing the interest of all participants.

8. SAHA İSTANBUL Membership 👑


As we approached the end of 2023, we joined SAHA İstanbul, a prominent organization in the defence and aerospace industry. With this partnership, we are confident that in 2024 we will experience brand-new developments in research, development, and market expansion in the defence industry.

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9. Our New R&D Work: Insect Repellent and Fireproof Fabrics 🔥

Our Research and Development team worked tirelessly throughout 2023 to create groundbreaking products. As a result, our Insect Repellent and Fireproof fabrics will be applied in uniforms according to the demands of the military and security sectors as of 2024.

10. Integration of Sustainability into All Departments ♻️

Sürdürülebilirliğin Tüm Departmanlara Entegrasyonu

As part of our belief in a sustainable future, we successfully integrated sustainability projects into every department. From production to distribution, we committed ourselves to minimising our environmental impact and contributing to a greener world for another year 🍀.

In summary, 2023 was a year of growth, collaboration, and innovation for Raff Military Textile. These achievements lay the groundwork for an even more promising future in the military textile industry and the defence industry.

Let’s stay together for a successful 2024 and beyond! 🚀