A Full-up Africa Visit from Raff Military Textile

As Raff Military Textile, in last February, we visited Ghana and Togo respectively, starting with Benin, one of the West African countries. West Africa is one of the regions where we realized the majority of our exports in our nearly 50 years of business life. Our long-standing business relations are reinforced by our frequent visits to Africa. Every time we go to this region, we attend the invitations of our new business partners and explore different market places.

Our trip started with a visit we made to the Benin Police Security General Directorate. Here, we met with the invaluable Soumaïla Allabi YAYA, the General Director of Police Security, and exchanged new ideas about our industry, and besides, we personally thanked them for hosting us.

Right after our visit to Benin, we set our course for Ghana, where we met with some local businesses which wanted to partner with us. Here, at first, we were hosted at the T.R. Accra Embassy, and we came together with esteemed Dr. Özlem Ergün Ulueren, the Ghana Turkish Ambassador. We had important exchanges of opinions with Dear Dr. Özlem Ergün Ulueren, which provided insights into the West African market. At the same time in Ghana, we also met with esteemed Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, Ghana’s General Director of Security and Ms. Salma, our Ghanaian business partner, and held some meetings about new job opportunities, challenges related to our industry and the work we have done so far. We also visited the Ministry of Defense of Ghana, which impressed us with its architecture that reflects the history and culture of Ghana, and we personally thanked them for their support for our industry and their important collaborations with our company.

After Ghana, we went to Togo, our last stop, where we visited several factories that offered us raw materials in the defense industry sector. We had the chance to closely observe the current situation of the textile industry in Togo and the stages of textile production in the country. We also met with our valuable business partner Mr. Victor, who established his own business in Togo. Through Mr. Victor, we learned firsthand the challenges they face while scaling their operations in Togo. In our last stop, Togo, we had an unforgettable experience exploring potential investment opportunities, discussing, and meeting with valuable government officials.

As a result of our visits to Benin, Ghana and Togo, we would also like to express our pleasure to contribute to the steadily developing economy and textile industry in these regions. On this occasion, we would like to express our thanks again from here to the Benin Police Security General Directorate, the Ghana General Directorate of Security, the T.R. Accra Embassy, the Ghana Ministry of Defense and the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry who hosted us in our West Africa visits.

As Raff Military Textile, we can say that our trip to West Africa inspired us and made us discover new market places and enabled us to establish close contact with our valuable business partners. We will continue to travel all over the world in order to shape the future of our industry, improve our business relations, and most importantly, deliver a better service to the regions we serve.