Retired Brigadier General Naim Babüroğlu Honored Our Office with an Unforgettable Visit

As Raff Military Textile, we recently hosted the highly esteemed Retired Brigadier General, Author and Politician Naim Babüroğlu at our head office. Mr. Babüroğlu’s visit was accompanied by deep conversations, the sharing of ideas, and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

During his time with us, Mr. Babüroğlu also visited our showroom where we have a wide range of products on display and his discerning eye and deep understanding of military textiles added an important perspective to our products. It was a very proud moment for us to witness his appreciation of the quality standards of our products and our innovation.

In addition, Mr. Naim Babüroğlu showed the kindness of signing his latest literary works for our team during his visit and signed his books “Avucumda Solan Bir Yaprak”, “22 Gün 22 Gece Sakarya” and “Kemal Yeri” for us.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Naim Babüroğlu for honoring us with his visit and for his valuable contributions. Moreover, we are also grateful for the information and encouragement he has given us as we continuously strive to develop in the field of defense industry.