An exciting business trip looking for new business partners!

? Destinations:

  • Angola (19 – 23 June)
  • Congo (18 – 28 July)
  • Brazil – Chile (06 – 12 August)

? Goal: To establish strong partnerships for RAFF Military Textile!

We are delighted to share with you our business trip plan to different countries! This is a unique opportunity for our company to meet exciting new business partners and expand our international network.

Our caring team is made up of highly qualified professionals, ready to take on new challenges and seize new opportunities. Backed by our experience and recognized expertise in the military textile industry, we are determined to provide exceptional products that perfectly meet the specific needs of our future partners.

Throughout this trip, we plan to participate in strategic meetings with renowned local companies in the defense sector. We will also be present at key industry events, where we will have the opportunity to showcase our latest innovations and discuss the unique benefits of our products.

We will not fail to share with you the highlights of our circuit, whether during stimulating meetings with potential partners or beneficial negotiation sessions. Stay connected to discover the opportunities available to us and the promising new prospects for our company!

We would like to thank our valued existing customers and partners for their loyalty and continued support, as it is through them that we have the opportunity to explore new horizons and expand our influence in the military textile industry in the world through the years.

Above all, do not hesitate to leave us your comments and share your enthusiasm for this new adventure that you are about to experience with us!