First Trip of 2024: New Horizons in Mauritania / Nouakchott

Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, where we stepped into the heart of Africa where ancient traditions meet modern culture, promised brand new opportunities for our industry as our first trip at the dawn of 2024.

Here are some short anecdotes from our trip to Mauritania;

Exploring Mauritania’s Potential

As Raff Military Textile, our first goal on our trip to Mauritania was to introduce our new product, improved fireproof and insect repellent fabrics, to the Mauritanian government. Considering the seasonal conditions in Mauritania, we were aware that our new product was essential for this region and as a result, we received invitations from many officials to review our product. First, we went to the capital Nouakchott to meet with the Mauritanian Presidential Palace and Fire Service. We observed that Nouakchott is not only a city, but also the center of diplomatic exchanges and economic endeavors.

Meeting with Distinguished Leaders

When we set foot on Mauritanian soil, we were greeted with very warm hospitality. We had the honor to meet with highly respected leaders and government officials, first at the Presidential Palace, then at the Turkish Embassy in Nouakchott and most importantly at the Mauritanian Fire Service. These interactions were not only commercial, but also based on mutual understanding of needs and reinforcing our sincerity as a country. As a result of our discussions, Raff Military Textile solidified its partnerships with key figures from the Mauritanian Fire Service and established cooperation based on meeting all the needs of the fire brigade personnel with new generation equipment. In addition, the wide range of needs of the Mauritanian government’s defense forces will also be met with our quality products and on-time delivery within meticulous planning with the visit of Raff Military Textile.

A Look at Africa’s Future

During our visit to Nouakchott, we also visited our Embassy and met with our Interior Counselor, Gendarmerie Colonel Mr. Mustafa Kılınç and Commercial Attaché Mr. Mikail Doğan. We discussed the reflections of our Mauritania-based cooperation and that the absolute prosperity of the Mauritanian defense forces will evolve into a promising process with the Raff Military Textile partnership. As Raff Military Textile, we promised that we would continue to explore new regions on the African scene and meet the deficiencies of the defense forces in these regions in the best way possible.

To conclude,

We can say that our Nouakchott trip ended with the intense demand for our latest R&D product, which we developed together with strong potential relationships. In 2024, in many regions of Mauritania, fire brigade personnel, one of the most important branches of the security forces, will be equipped with the highest caliber equipment from Raff Military Textile. As Raff Military Textile, our commitment here goes beyond mere supply; our company has promised continued support to best meet the various military textile needs of Mauritania’s defense forces.

We would like to thank the Mauritanian Presidential Palace, the Mauritanian Fire Service and Mr. Mustafa Kılınç and Mr. Mikail Doğan for hosting us during our visit to Mauritania.